About Fragrance Oils

Most people associate “oil” with a greasy substance that you shouldn’t or wouldn’t put on your skin; however, use of body oils specifically created for your skin is a viable option for those who want a light moisturizer, dealing with dry skin, or want to minimize the lotions, chemicals, and alcohols that they put on their skin.

Skin is the largest organ in your body and minimizing the chemicals and alcohol that you put on your skin can be done by using body oils. The main ingredient in body oils are extracted from natural sources such as fruits, plants or vegetable seeds. This is what makes them organic and gives body oils a smooth texture. Body oils are great for summer and winter seasons; when skin is most commonly at it’s driest. Body oil is absorbed quickly on the skin. Body oils will give your skin a hydrated and glowing feeling but not greasy.

Benefits of Fragrance Oils:

  1. Best Moisturizer: It isn’t heavy like lotions and creams. There are fewer ingredients in body oils than in lotions and creams. One difference between creams and lotions and body oils; is that creams and lotions are a combination of oil and water; held together with emulsifiers.
  2. Organic: Body Oils are organic and do not contain chemicals that are applied to the skin, your largest organ.
  3. Therapeutic: Applying body oils with a massage effect; it assist with stress relief, less friction, increasing your mood, and overall well-being.
  4. Economical: Body Oil is more economical and cost effective than lotions and creams. You can use less oil then lotion when applying to your skin. Body Oil also last longer when applied.