5 Types of Oils for Your Wellness

Essential Oils are a commonly used for health and wellness. They are good for aromatherapy around your house. Used for wellness, cleaning, health and a number of other solutions.

Here are 5 of the many oils that are good for wellness. Check back soon for another list of essential oils and their many benefits.

  • Cypress helps to improve circulation, reduce varicose veins, lift confidence and can even help heal broken bones.
  • Frankincense can build immunity, reduce inflammation, heals age spots, support brain functions and may even help fight cancer.
  • Eucalyptus is used for improving respiratory issues like bronchitis, sinusitis and allergies. It is also used for invigorating and purifying the body.
  • Grapefruit supports metabolism and cellulite reduction. Mix with coconut oil and rub on areas of cellulite or take a few drops internally with water.
  • Ginger reduces inflammation, supports joints, improves digestion and relieves nausea.

Improving Hair Loss with Essential Oils – Hair Loss Essential Oils

Hair loss is not something we typically associate with men. Although, 1 in 4 woman will experience hair loss at some point in their lives.

As with most things, women are just better able to disguise it. It’s not noticed in women for a few reasons:

  • because it’s not focused on the crown, but rather all over
  • it doesn’t happen at one time, it’s spread out over time
  • women tend to have more hair; so hair loss is less likely to be seen
  • hair loss in women is less severe than in men

Female hair loss is often caused by their bodies reaction to the male hormones in their body, much like the reason for hair loss in men. Hair loss in women is happens later in life, usually with less extreme effects than men due to the estrogen in their bodies. Menopause is also a cause of female hair loss; due to the increasing levels of testosterone that they will experience. Antidepressants prescribed due to menopause have also been found to be a reason for hair loss in women. Stressful situations and traumatic events in a woman’s’ life is also known to cause interference in the normal hair growth cycle. There are also immune system issues that will cause women to have hair loss, also impacted due to nutritional decencies.

When looking for solutions to female hair loss there are several solutions, the use of essential oils, is one of the most natural and more modern methods of managing and improving hair loss. Several essential oils can help with the health, regrowth, regeneration of follicles. Scalp care is essential to managing hair loss; which is why the the use of essential oils can help, when the scalps condition is stimulated.

Using 2-3 drops of each of the following essential oils will provide overall health and improvement of hair loss.

Cedarwood Essential Oil will help regenerate follicles. Clary Sage Essential Oil will stimulate the scalp. Rosemary Essential Oil will improve clogged pores. Lavender Essential Oil will provide antiseptic improvements for growth.

So how do you use these essential oils for improving hair loss? You have two options.

The first option is to use each oil individually, running your fingers along your scalp only. Each oil (2-3 drops in the palm of your hand) will be layered, while waiting 3-5 minutes between each oil application.

The second option is to mix the four oils above with a carrier oil and mixed together well. You then pour a small amount of the blended oils into your hand, spread it evenly and work it into your scalp, not on your hair. Gently massage in small, circular motions without causing too much friction. After a few minutes, bend over and hang your head lower than your to increase the blood flood. Continue to massage your scalp. Keep the mixture on as long as possible, if possible, overnight; then shampoo it out.

Consistent use of the essential oils will prevent further hair loss, and assist in encouraging regrowth. This process does take time, money and effort to to encourage healthy hair.

How to Blend and Create Your Own Oils

Blending Basics: Combine. Experiment. Blend.

“Perfume is like a personal signature, which is why I like to mix my own.” ~ Christian Dior

For the first time, anyone can fully express themselves in scent. Using our oil shop as your fragrance palette, you can design and blend your own custom scent by combining fragrances directly on the skin.

Using single note fragrances, found here, which are combinations of the fewest ingredients that comprise a recognizable smell. Notes have special characteristics: they express their nature immediately and do not change over time. Notes, also called accords, are what master perfumers use when making prestige and designer fragrances, to create the familiar top, middle and bottom note dry-down that is associated with how the smell of prestige and designer fragrances change over time.

Now for the rules …

Rule #1: There are no rules. Simply select your favorite scents. Combine. Experiment. Blend.

Blending Tips:

  1. Try combining one from the Top, Middle and Bottom note sections on our blending guide.
  2. Experiment with different fragrance combinations and proportions.
  3. Even the order that you apply the fragrances to the skin will affect the final fragrance.
  4. Try combining multiple fragrances from the same row.
  5. Try combining multiple fruits or multiple flowers
  6. Spray each fragrance on separate pepper strip. Combine strips and smell in various sequences until you find the scent you want to use on your skin.

TIP: Use multiple strips of a single fragrance to play with different concentrations.